Mu UniApp

Home of your private network owned by a registered digital agent (email). MyNote - - is a list of Free time-stamped notes, classified by your Types and maintained by Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) so you can track not only notes by your types but also evolution of each note.

Container-based micro services - injecting positive and normative suggestions for Right Effort in both consumptions and productions - can speed up the process of knowing more about yourself, Making Life Easier and Happier.

Combinding standard container-based micro services with DVC notes, our custom Computational Knowledge Engine can make your life Easier while you can either consume value-added services relevant to your "Now" making life Happier, and/or produce a custom service based on your Comparative Advantages to meet a specialized need that may be sustainable beyond your life time in the culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings.

MyNote is built from the ground up using the latest standard WebRTC for Real Time Communication via browsers. There will be innumerable micro services to be part of the ecosystem having minimum barrier of entry to democratize the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.